How to build Google scale Web infrastructure

Who doesn’t want to emulate Google in building a world class IT infrastructure that is highly automated, scales well to meet any demand and is resilient towards any failure. Most importantly the infrastructure that grows with you, letting you focus on your core business instead of how to run those applications.


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How they did it : Running Docker for Mac

Using a Mac  ? Using Docker ? then you must be aware of how it works.  Until recently, the only way to setup is using Docker toolbox. Basically it  brings up a VM based on VirtualBox (A hypervisor) and containers are run inside this VM. This VM is pretty light running the boot2docker, a Tiny core linux based Distro that runs entirely on the RAM.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.05.42 AM

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Web scale Loadbalancing in Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a popular cluster manager that lets you run containerized microservices in a cluster(master+minions) and offers many more things (management,scaling etc). It is gaining good traction ever since Google opensourced it. Continue reading “Web scale Loadbalancing in Kubernetes”

Enterprise cloud management platform

There is no doubt that Openstack represents one of the massive industry alignment towards the Open source cloud, Some even touting it to be the Linux of cloud computing. But is it “THE” perfect solution ?
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Cloud Service models – 101

This is a 101 topic, offering introduction to cloud computing. I talk about the type of clouds(private, public and hybrid) and then the cloud service models.

I also touch base upon the cloud burstsing, cloud balancing techniques and the need for having Cloud management platforms.

Feel free to comment on any specific topic i can cover in detail

Gartner – 95 % of the private clouds are doomed

I am not an advocate of public clouds nor i am looking down upon the idea of privately managed clouds. Both have some cool USP that makes them attractive for particular use cases

95% of Private clouds fail

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Memory management – Memory pools

Memory pools are very handy tool for the success of the software design. As the name suggests, these are pool of memory blocks which are maintained by a list and blocks can be allocated and freed back into the pool. So Why do we need pools ?

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